What is the medicine for cultural wounding? What is your medicine?


yesterday’s haiku

The happy duck is
not the thief of river’s song-
pond is both bird and stream.

Walking the Path home: Jon Allen ‘Going Home’


Women’s Circle receives the WorldDrum in Cape Town

Thanks to the efforts of Cape Town dance, tantra and women’s spirituality practitioner Ginnette de Fleur, the WorldDrum arrived in Cape Town this week.

It has been travelling the world hand to hand for 4 years spreading its message of peace, shamanic healing and unity across the continents. It was made in Norway by local shamans and was due to leave Africa from Johannesburg and return to Europe. When Ginette heard that it would not be coming down to Cape Town, and that most people in the sacred dance and music community had not even heard of the drum’s journey, she arranged to have the drum flown down for a week. As it turns out this is an auspicious time: New Moon for Spring is on Tuesday this week.

for more info on the drum and it’s journey click here: http://www.theworlddrum.com/

A circle of wise women gathered at the Sufi temple in Claremont last night to receive the drum into Cape Town’s heart. Here is a picture of the exterior; the interior you have to feel, see and hear for yourself!!!

Within a few hours of the plan to bring the drum here being set in motion, women were already networking and mobilizing other wise women to join in a circle to receive this new messenger into our hearts. We soon found drummers, singers, sangomas, dancers, magick makers and soul sisters to weave a welcoming circle.

The outline for the evening was this : create sacred space and sanctify the circle members, listen to the drum, and journey with the drum. The how we left up to Spirit and Inspiration! We knew that with the right women in attendance and with the sacred drum to lead us we would flow as needed.

Delighful moments as the women gathered: embracings, exclamations of surprise and happiness as unexpectd arrivals made it all the more exciting.And as usual women come bearing gifts…

Melissa brought us fresh spring water from Newlands spring which we used for the altar and drank together. Dawn brought flower Bindis to symbolise seeing truly as we traveled, Maurita brought a friend. Our resident sangoma, Nomvukile, made medicine specially for the ceremony, Dana brought her dancing feet and Carey her Warrior Praise Singing Voice!

Ayela brought a gift of soul singing and I brought sacred objects for the altar and circle. Kitya brought the 13th woman and another who brought hope to our hearts. Ginette brought the drum to Cape Town- and into the circle for us to meet her!

She is truly beautiful and travels nestled in the most beautiful case- a soft white animal skin protects her on one side and another brown skin is embroidered and filled with the marks, drawings, names of all that she has met!!!

We oohed and aahed!!! And then we sang.

We sang our heart songs, we sang of the Deep Earth Woman and we sang our prayers.

One by one we entered the circle to be cleansed, we smudged each other in turn and

Oh! Then!

Well then we did what women have done for centuries when able to…

The evening ended with a sweet, sweet song for Camissa led by Ayela Katz from the SoulSound Harmonics project and we made our mark on the skin record cloth.

We blessed the drum on its forward journey across the world…

To all the sisters from the circle: gratitude for your presence and for drumming from the heart…

Working with our resistances

Although my personal experiences over the last two weeks may seem on the surface to have little to do with orgasm or bliss, the startling truth is that they fundamentally do. All of my life does. My tantra teacher, Dr Shakti Malan, often asks us: How much Bliss can you stand? (She knows that fears and constriction must be moved through time and again)

Financial pressure, the loss of my cat, a house-breaking, needing to move, changes in parenting, crisis at my son’s school all took me to a place within that I had resisted for a long time. My friend and colleague, Stephen Tredrea, had encouraged me for a while to go into my fears rather than resist them.

He rightly knew that the universe would realise them for me as completely as necessary in order that I could ‘get’ this lesson and cross its threshold. He rightly felt that it was time to dance with the chaos rather than run from it. I was SO at my edge that it seemed my mind was holding on tighter than ever.

What changed for me? What support do you need for you to enjoy your shift?

I started with the fears. I started with expressing and ‘experiencing’ (by becoming aware of where and how they felt within my body and emotions) the fears with a supportive ally. I moved, with baby steps at first, towards the very thing that I so badly wanted to run from. Events began to unfold which took me further into those frightening possibilities. I abandoned myself at some point to the process. I consciously agreed with myself to enter into this unknown place within. I used process work tools to move through the places of pain where I had less awareness. I began to trust my own sense of knowing in my body and emotions. Instead of feeling like the external situation had all the answers I needed I began to use my own personal power to change.

Support came. I have been very much held by various people in the past few days. I experienced love and energetic support like never before. I was able to shake off (very physically and energetically) the trauma of the robbery and these changes through a sound healing session with friend and colleague Chris Tokalon. I could not have done it on my own. His mastery made the difference in that moment of need.

The wisdom of beliefs such as “So above; so below”, “First inside, then outside”, “As a person thinketh in their heart so are they” is more true for me today than yesterday. I felt the outer realm of the material shift as I let go on the inside. I began to find myself as a creative being again.

And then the material support came; suddenly I was aware again of being connected within the divine web of life: and the “doings” flowed with ease into my needs being met.

Where ever you find yourself today in relation to those things that you fear, that constrain you, that drain your life of colour- come and find the support you need to hear and then heal your life. It is painful at times. But more painful than resisting? Not from where I stand today…