Mooji on completing the threads of the past


yesterday’s haiku

The happy duck is
not the thief of river’s song-
pond is both bird and stream.

The Wisdom of Wounds

I often remind clients that they are indeed the leading character in the mythology of their own lives. That everything that happens to them is most usefully viewed from their own perspective; from within their own unique life view.

Sometimes we have extended ourselves so far towards understanding the others in our lives that we have lost the anchor of being the central focus of our soul work. We end up bending over backwards to try and figure out the unfolding events- when all we need to do is again plant our feet in the center of our own path. By dropping the back-to-front perspective of “she said- he meant- -they-didn’t” we can simply ask ourselves what is happening for me right now? How do I feel? What flavours, textures and subtleties are showing themselves in my experience, from my perspective? What can I describe and notice right now? What do I need?

Giving ourselves permission to actual have our own experience is a useful re-calibration. We can stop explaining and analysing others and get back to living our truth. There is time to consider other viewpoints, to stretch our self perception by looking at ourselves in the mirror of others feedback- but in my experience we spend more time distanced from ourselves in our challenges than refuting feedback honestly given. Start simply, start with where you are at and move slowly and carefully towards what is less clear.

And breath, notice and feel each moment of that process for that is where transformation really happens.

Tell me….

 Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life? Mary Oliver


How much Joy do you feel?

A thank you note to me

I facilitated two group processes this weekend for an NGO, both of which were beautifully on point and moved with that unique soulful spirit flow we practitioners long for and delight in…

This is my thank you from the organisers:

“Dear Cathwrynn, Thank you for your wonderful gentle, grounded but eagle-like contribution to this workshop. I look forward to our work together.”

What generous inspiration in this thank you note!

Gratitude and joy from me…

Transformation from the inside out!

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