Projects & Associations

My work reflects the dynamic interplay of inward and outward expression and attention. I love both the inner mysteries of soul and spirit but love to see this expressed in our shared outer worlds as well.

Social Justice, I believe occurs from the inside out. To quote our great Statesman and Nation- Father Nelson Mandela, “We are free to be free.” How free we know our selves to be on the inside relates to how free we can be in the outer.

And as Krishnamurti puts it, ” “Love is total responsibility not only to yourself but the whole of life.” Being totally responsible to ourselves is only half the journey. This responsibility must include the whole of Life outside ourselves if we want to call it Love. We have to accept, if we want to believe that we are significant, that we therefore have an impact. We cannot act as if what we do does not matter and still believe that we have a purpose for being alive.

The relationships that I have with specific, chosen organisations are expressions of various aspects of who I am and where I can grow… I am grateful!


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