My poetry coming soon. Here is one from February that I feel fits well with the themes of my work. Enjoy.


The search for self

There is

inside You and I
no perceived failure
no despairing lack
no unrealised dream
that need fear the light of love.

As I search out
each dark cavern within
I find that my heart enlarges…
with enough room for me, for you, for the world.

and another…


on the wind

it rested delicately, a feather-weight of memory on an edge
the air stilled; awed into submission by the void

very slowly, like dawn unfolding one light particle at a time
understanding lifted the shadows of a long night

and higher, then impossibly higher still
a solitary flight imprints against a clear blue sky


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. cathwrynn
    May 22, 2010 @ 12:24:05

    I am a woman too.
    I am subject to the same rules, and pains, as You.
    I was separated by skin, and hair and old Laws
    yet I also mourned my body and saw the same flaws.

    I am a woman too.
    I smile at babies, and mother nature, as You Do.
    I excavated my history from behind locked doors,
    from black and white photos, mined the stories of ancient wars.

    I am a woman too.
    I fear my voice and silence as You have in You.
    I have celebrated as my landscape’s shores
    met wave after wave of self-loving applause.

    I am a woman, and You.
    Is that enough, in this world, to be your Sister too?


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