Key Concepts

Touch is the means to communicate with and receive information from the largest organ of our body- the skin. Our skin has a capacity and sensory intelligence few realise. The millions of receptors- their various types and their placements colour the spectrum of what is possible for the skin to experience.  Touch comes to us in many forms, but healing touch needs to be skillful, therapeutic, conscious and whole for it to impact positively on us. It can be done directly or indirectly. The receiver and the giver have a part to play in the interaction of touch and this is where the value lies. Process can occur for both parties if awareness and presence are cultivated. Between two persons of more intimate standing more potential can be explored. Touch can lead to altered states of consciousness when done artfully. Appropriate touch depends on the life stage we are in, and our state of health (emotional, physical, mental, social, spiritual), and current life circumstances (eg trauma). All energy forms of healing are understood by me to be included in what is possible with touch.



Erotic Intelligence alludes to ‘a special sense of knowing’, wisdom and mastery within the realm of Eros (ie the longing for relatedness, wholeness, beauty and love). Many of us do not know it but this capacity is as essential to our soul as breath and nutrition are to the body. Eroticism can be unearthed, reclaimed and integrated into our lives.

“Erotic Intelligence begins with familiarity with one’s own soul- its strong desires, inclinations and preferences, its cycles and phases. “ Thomas Moore

Secondly eroticism is about the enjoyment of sensory pleasures, compassionate attention to the sensual delights of the body, the opening to imagined ecstasies.

Eroticism is “the poetry of the body, the testimony of the senses. Like a poem, it is not linear, it meanders and twists back on itself, shows us what we do not see with our eyes, but in the eyes of our spirit. Eroticism reveals to us another world, inside this world. The senses become servants of the imagination, and let us see the invisible and hear the inaudible.” Octavio Paz

Eroticism is the fuel for that curiosity (about pleasure), the experience of desire transfigured by the imagination.” Esther Perel

We can

  • develop skilful soul awareness (of our fundamental desires- and the language and nuances by which our desire speaks to us),
  • learn to be masterful with this new wisdom and learn discernment within passion and
  •  enjoy the ability to exercise choice in either satisfying simply our egos or meeting our deeper soul needs- other than being in the shadow of reactivity or denial.

Our capacities are up to us and can be based on truthfulness and transparency rather than fear…


Inquiry with the senses is a method of learning more about what is real and what is illusion. It is a way of working deeply with the issues and experiences that we have. Henrike Holdrege of says that “when you seek for truth, you need to have an inner space to work from.” This is very true and there are some simple yet effective practices for cultivating this inner space. Once this inner space is available then it is possible to look into sensory experiences more deeply in order to look playfully at the truth of the moment. When we bring our ideas, our judgements, our perceptions into the moment they stick between us and the reality of that moment. They produce a barrier to learning, changing and noticing the simplicity of that which we are not yet aware of yet. A barrier to reality and essence. We can over come this tendency with further practices.

This liberates us to experience the multiplicity of the universe with joy and acceptance- which then reveals its essential nature to us with delight.

This universe can be a leaf, a breast, a breeze or geometry.


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