women’s mystery: to see


politics is about people, perceptions, pride and pain…


This is my other all time favourite political song- a call for remembering humanity at the deepest levels.

politics is personal is about peace is about power, is about patriarchy…

This is one of two of my all time favourite political transformation sounds. This also goes beeyond social freedom and calls to the deep cultural wounding in the individual: the power of the feminine to woo and love the wounded masculine.



Women’s Circle receives the WorldDrum in Cape Town

Thanks to the efforts of Cape Town dance, tantra and women’s spirituality practitioner Ginnette de Fleur, the WorldDrum arrived in Cape Town this week.

It has been travelling the world hand to hand for 4 years spreading its message of peace, shamanic healing and unity across the continents. It was made in Norway by local shamans and was due to leave Africa from Johannesburg and return to Europe. When Ginette heard that it would not be coming down to Cape Town, and that most people in the sacred dance and music community had not even heard of the drum’s journey, she arranged to have the drum flown down for a week. As it turns out this is an auspicious time: New Moon for Spring is on Tuesday this week.

for more info on the drum and it’s journey click here: http://www.theworlddrum.com/

A circle of wise women gathered at the Sufi temple in Claremont last night to receive the drum into Cape Town’s heart. Here is a picture of the exterior; the interior you have to feel, see and hear for yourself!!!

Within a few hours of the plan to bring the drum here being set in motion, women were already networking and mobilizing other wise women to join in a circle to receive this new messenger into our hearts. We soon found drummers, singers, sangomas, dancers, magick makers and soul sisters to weave a welcoming circle.

The outline for the evening was this : create sacred space and sanctify the circle members, listen to the drum, and journey with the drum. The how we left up to Spirit and Inspiration! We knew that with the right women in attendance and with the sacred drum to lead us we would flow as needed.

Delighful moments as the women gathered: embracings, exclamations of surprise and happiness as unexpectd arrivals made it all the more exciting.And as usual women come bearing gifts…

Melissa brought us fresh spring water from Newlands spring which we used for the altar and drank together. Dawn brought flower Bindis to symbolise seeing truly as we traveled, Maurita brought a friend. Our resident sangoma, Nomvukile, made medicine specially for the ceremony, Dana brought her dancing feet and Carey her Warrior Praise Singing Voice!

Ayela brought a gift of soul singing and I brought sacred objects for the altar and circle. Kitya brought the 13th woman and another who brought hope to our hearts. Ginette brought the drum to Cape Town- and into the circle for us to meet her!

She is truly beautiful and travels nestled in the most beautiful case- a soft white animal skin protects her on one side and another brown skin is embroidered and filled with the marks, drawings, names of all that she has met!!!

We oohed and aahed!!! And then we sang.

We sang our heart songs, we sang of the Deep Earth Woman and we sang our prayers.

One by one we entered the circle to be cleansed, we smudged each other in turn and

Oh! Then!

Well then we did what women have done for centuries when able to…

The evening ended with a sweet, sweet song for Camissa led by Ayela Katz from the SoulSound Harmonics project and we made our mark on the skin record cloth.

We blessed the drum on its forward journey across the world…

To all the sisters from the circle: gratitude for your presence and for drumming from the heart…

Celebrating Dakini Shakti’s Return To Cape Town

A beautiful gathering took place at Dakini Shakti’s house on Saturday night, in Cape Town.

We got to hear stories of her adventures in the UK, America, Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey. Students and friends gathered and laughed, and danced. We remembered her father with love, who passed very recently after her homecoming.

To see stories about the travels, particularly Russia and Scotland, of which I speak, see here http://www.blog.shakti.co.za/

Nadabrahma Meditation and Talk with Dakini Shima

A beautiful evening at a venue in Rondebosch- complete with roaring fireplace, spent with a group responding to a talk by Dakini Shima about the calling of the Daka/ Dakini and Tantra. Having invited about 7 of the attendees I admit I felt anxious at times; where they going to get something out of it?

I was very inspired by the talk Shima gave. I felt reassured by the inclusive manner of her teaching:; her embodied awareness. She may as well have read from the Dr Seuss Book: “Oh The Places You’ll Go!!” given the wonderful stories of her Tantric path travels! Awareness is all, and she embodies this so beautifully.

Things about the talk on the calling of the Daka and Dakini that stood out for me:

  • A Dakini is a provoker to awareness; this is her role.
  • Tantra is a method of awakening, there are many.
  • She is there to confront stories to enable opening into the real, into the beloved moment just as it is.
  • Dakini is a state of being.
  • Regarding ‘ego death’: perhaps the only thing that can truly die is that which never existed.

After the talk a few gluttons stayed for a meditation. We did this meditation of Osho’s which Shima was surprised to hear that the Cape Town school hadn’t done before.

Osho Nadabrahma Meditation TM

Nadabrahma meditation lasts for one hour and has three stages. It is a sitting method, in which humming and hand movements create an inner balance, a harmony between mind and body. Suitable for any time of the day, have an empty stomach and remain inactive for at least fifteen minutes afterwards.

“So in Nadabrahma, remember this: let the body and mind be totally together, but remember that you have to become a witness. Get out of them, easily, slowly, from the back door, with no fight, with no struggle.” Osho

The arm movements allow one to explore the experience of giving and receiving, an appropriate meditation for those feeling called to work with others. I enjoyed immersing myself in the meditation and learned quite a lot about my relationship with giving and receiving- and some of the subtle movements in the gestures which are very powerful.


Orgasm is an auto ecstatic phenomenon:

  • through the interplay between polarities
  • the outer feminine triggers the inner masculine
  • given the right environment orgasm is possible
  • partners may trigger it but the ecstacy and the joy is personal

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