Exploring anthroposophy while walking a tantric path…

I went to the most interesting lecture on Saturday afternoon.

Especially interesting to me because of the words “reverse kundalini” in the write up about the event.

Rudolf Stiener apparently believed that the age of rising kundalini in order to awaken was complete- ended. He believed that the chakras were dormant in humans through disuse and that in the new consciousness arising a ‘head down to heart’ process should occur instead (what to do with the three lower chakras the speaker did not say). He went so far as to use the symbol of an inverted chalice to show this idea.


Steiner believed that with his methods of meditation “new” or better aspects of the chakras would appear eg 6 new petals of the heart lotus can be created; then the other 6 that have fallen into disuse will automatically return. He did not recommend any of the old methods believing that they only awakened half the petals.

He recommended a series of heart meditations and believed that this heart centered wisdom coupled with knowledge would more accurately reflect the new consciousness post Christ.


Here is an example of a Rudolf Steiner Heart Meditation:

The Heart-Forces Meditation

Sit upright. Close your eyes. Do not be distracted. Move your concentration from thinking to not thinking. You may concentrate on the ancient cosmic rule “As above, so below”. Immerse yourself in imagination for some time. You may use another form of concentration, such as the Anapana method.

This is the main exercise, performed in seven breaths. Breathe regularly, whatever rhythm is suitable for you, but for the mantras, observe the following method… Deeply breathe in for a comfortable duration of time. Breathe out for double this duration. Then hold your breathe for twice the time of the outward breathe. During the held breath, fill your consciousness solely with these words:

I am
– Feel the Third Eye Chakra, repeat the mantra twice
– this signifies the self

It thinks
– Feel the Throat Chakra, repeat the mantra twice
– this signifies the impersonal thought

She feels
– Feel the Heart Chakra, repeat the mantra twice
– this signifies the impersonal feeling

He wills
– Feel the Solar Plexus, perform this mantra once
– this signifies the divine

Spend some time enwrapping yourself in your own imagination of a divine ideal of your choice.

I didnt feel that the speaker made much of a case for the old ways being defunct, particularly in the light of many of my friends and colleagues across many spiritual systems Reiki, Tantra, Wicca, Yoga who find through lived experience that their chakras are alive and well. The speaker very firmly stated that he did not believe anthroposophy and yoga to be compatible. He stated clearly that Rudolf Steiner’s principles are different to the new age teachings.

I asked about the impact of patriarchy on Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy but he was unable to really answer. He stated that anthroposophy is the only truly genderless spiritual or occult system.

Given my experience with Tantra and Kundalini I am nonplussed, but given my recent enjoyable, compatible experiences with Goethean science I am intrigued. It’s my (still developing) contention that these two systems or methods may be compatible after all- in the way of the masculine and feminine being compatible eventually in an inner marriage or dance which celebrates unity through difference.