Many moons ago I studied to be a Professional Nurse (General, Community, Psychiatry), Midwife & Paramedic. I spent more than 15 years working and teaching in trauma, resuscitation & critical care and, ultimately, remote location patient transport in Cape Town & Africa via fixed wing and rotor wing platforms.

A series of life changing personal events from 2003 onwards expanded me beyond the western bio-medical model and catalysed the meeting of my teachers. I have been a student of the Advait Tantra school in my personal capacity for a number of years, whose methods I include in an eclectic interfaith spirituality, and practice.

I offer private healing work which uses various modalities of transformation practice. The Work includes All aspects of being human e.g including sexuality, shadow work, masculine/ feminine reconciliation and integrated spirituality.  I believe that each of these aspects of life, if looked deeply into with an open heart, offer the opportunity for consciousness and awareness to heals wounds and support new growth.

I currently work part time in an international Addiction Centre (alchohol, substance and process addictions) and teach meditation to addicts and trauma survivors.  I am also involved in various other Projects from time to time and co-ordinate related events and activities.

My interests include holistic health and human rights, addictions, health system reform, alternative/ complimentary therapies, trauma healing, process work, sexuality, death & dying and interfaith and peace work. This list evolves, mutates and expands daily.

I live and practice  in Cape Town, South Africa.


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  1. Sasha
    Feb 11, 2010 @ 11:09:18

    I think your web site is fabulous and wondered if you would be interested in writing articles for http://www.all4women.co.za ?
    We are an online women’s magazine with approx 450 000 page views per month and we mail a weekly newsletter to 25 000 subscribers.
    We have some great contributors writing for us but we have a huge gap in the alternative health section and feel your expertise would be ideal for the site.
    In return we can offer you a link to your web site and an author box with your pic and bio and all the contact details you wish to supply.
    Please would you contact me if you are interested.
    Kind regards
    Sasha Wyatt-Minter
    Tel. 084 4181170


  2. Gus Cacciotti
    Jul 04, 2011 @ 00:02:20

    Hello Catherine
    I’m in LinkedIn and saw your profile. I think your website is fabulous. I’m starting tantra to improve my sexuality and spirit. I would love to make a connection with you. Thank you.


  3. cathwrynn
    Aug 29, 2011 @ 15:20:52

    Hi Gus, thanks for finding my blog via linkedIn.

    You are welcome to email me your details: my email is cathwrynn@gmail.com

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  4. souldoula
    Mar 28, 2012 @ 19:38:27

    Hi there. I find your blog fascinating and so I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Well-deserved. Please see my most recent post for more about the award. 🙂


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