Feeding the Soul

What kinds of experiences are food for the soul? I have been through times in my life where serious malnutrition of spirit was in evidence- on the one hand I did not suffer much because I lived life through a hazy numbing fog and yet on the other, that lack of aliveness was a symptom of a serious soul sickness. Strangely enough- how deeply embedded in Life is irony- it was real suffering that began to correct this deficiency. Swami Rahasya ( get a slight sense of who he is here: http://tantraschool.co.za/about.html) calls pain and suffering “heart food” and in my experience he is Right! It certainly has proved true in my own journey.

However, luckily for the human race, there are other sources of sustenance for our souls too- in my experience Beauty, Relationship (with people, nature etc.), Bliss, the Arts (music, dance, creativity etc.) are all opprtunities for feeding our deepest longings.

Here’s wishing you a FEAST!!!


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