March 2010 New Rooms in Rondebosch!!!

Things have been evolving rapidly since December- and finding the time to write about everything on line has not been possible. Thank you to those readers who have contacted me and become clients- it is a pleasure knowing you!

I have moved rooms and feel much more at home now. Sessions are taking place in Rondebosch, Cape Town at a beautiful space called Constellation House. It is run by Andrea Brand- an art, soma and family constellation therapist who has created a beautiful shared space used by a variety of practitioners. As soon as the website is up and running,  I will post a link.

I will be working hard over the next few days to add content about the new conceptual frameworks I use and their application in session. Life is exciting and very full!  If you are from an area outside  of Cape Town, I am able to recommend like-minded practitioners in many places, so please comment or make enquiries with me by email.

Thank you for continuing to check in here while it has been so quiet- I look forward to this blog becoming far more interactive and content driven. Namaste…


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