LifeCraft: the sacred arts of life

I used to believe that the Spirit, the Soul (the mind, the emotions and the will) and the Body had varying levels of acceptability or sacredness. That each aspect was of varying importance or priority- the mind and the will mattered most; the emotions least of all. Now I percieve things differently- I feel things differently. I have encountered so many new ideas and delightful experiences that my world view has expanded again. Into new territory.


In the book “Care of the Soul” Thomas Moore writes of the indefinable quality of Soul, and yet describes a texture of experience that it foundational in all our lives. His book is about cultivating this quality with consciousness and skill- crafting Life as artisans.

I feel that the quality he struggles to capture accurately and name with certainty is the Feminine- the emotional body or the Belly (as termed by Baba Dez Nicholls). The emotions are in fact the Will; are our seat of personal power.

A conceptual framework of great use in working with the Soul includes the following ideas. We are a Consciousness (Mind (air)- Masculine) animated by a Soul (Life Force (water)- Feminine) which lives in a physical Body (Matter (earth) – Feminine) and is connected by Heart (Presence (fire) – Masculine) and transformed by Spirit (Awareness (akasha-void-potential) – Genderless).

(These definitions are about as hard and fast as the idea that the Sun is the Masculine and the Moon is the Feminine- given that thousands of years ago the globe worshipped these aspects in complete reverse. Holding onto any one perspective becomes ultimately unproductive but they serve as a starting point. I hope you can enjoy what these concepts offer, and let go of what does not suit you…)

We can accomplish transformative personal work in any- or all- of these domains because they are inextricably linked- dependent even- on each other. In fact it is well known that should one area contain a dysfunctional or wounded asthetic it will permeate all of our beings and cause hinderances to growth in any area.

LifeCraft is about cultivating and mastering aliveness within the Body, the Mind, the Soul and the Spirit. Each has its own language, function, capacity and needs. Of course these ideas are really just a framework for thinking about these things. The goal of LifeCraft practice is the dissolution of any apparent seperation within and the achievement of deep unity inside our beings.

I haven’t said much about sexuality with all of this: but it is a fundamental cornerstone of my practice. For some clients it is the entry point for transformation and forms a nexus for meeting themselves in totality.


P.S Masculine and Feminine do not relate to male and female gender except through our limited cultural conditioning. We are invited to fully embody both, no matter which little box we might tick on registration forms!


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