excerpt from healing humanity blog

Have you found a way to discharge the energy of your trauma or loss? If not it is lodged in the body as contraction and defensiveness, as a deadening and selfprotectiveness. This makes perfect sense; our bodies try to help us cope with what is too big to deal with in the moment. But a way through the after effects of stored pain is to find it in the body- so that it can be discharged and let go of. Finally let go of…

“In nature, when an animal finds itself in a life-threatening situation, it will have one of three responses.  These are the autonomic responses chosen by the body on an instinctual level.  It is a split-second decision that bypasses conscious thought or deliberation.  If an animal can’t fight, or has no possibility of winning, it won’t.  If it can flee, it will.  If neither fight nor flight are viable options, it will freeze. The freeze response is a semi-catatonic state that helps reduce or deaden pain.  If the animal survives, it will find a safe place, have a type of seizure (shake), and discharge the energy that has been generated in the nervous system, and will be none the worse for wear.  I believe the human animal is bound by the same rules” -Megan http://s197534708.onlinehome.us/2008/05/09/everyone-suffers


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